Convention Countdown

So, you wanna go hiking with a viking?

The tradition of hiking is great in our part of Europe. Here, wide views, fresh air an unspoiled nature are free for all to explore and enjoy. Experience the great forests, deep natural caves and dine under a clearblue sky.

Combine that with a great deal of fairytales about goblins, fairies, elves and other mystical beeings and you have perfect base for a Euromeeting you´ll soon forget.

What about the vikings?

Well, the vikings are as often mentioned as a symbol for Sweden as the blond bimbo. So therefore we want to challange the myth, and show you the Round Table Vikings of 2011. Together with you we hope that the new, redefined Viking, can take your hiking to new and undiscovered places.

Sounds mysterious? Yes, that´s just how we like it.